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Currently, we have three giving campaigns. You can read the description and click the link to go to each. Thank you.

Third Tiny Home

For the past year, our organization has been working to provide temporary housing for survivors. So far, we have completed construction on 2 tiny homes, and they're already being utilized! The need is growing, but with your help, this fundraiser can cover the next structure that will house those in need. The goal amount covers every aspect from foundation to completion. Your donation will help change the life of a survivor.


Thank you for considering our cause!

Visit the campaign page.


Unlock Hope

This campaign supports human trafficking and exploitation survivors by raising a minimum of $400 per month. With your support, we can provide essential resources to survivors, including housing, all meals, transportation, clothing, education opportunities, and other essential needs.


It is our mission to empower all survivors of trafficking and exploitation with the opportunity to rebuild their lives in safety and dignity. Join us in making an impact and take part in this meaningful campaign today!

Visit the campaign page.


Laying The Foundation (Brick Campaign)

Introducing the 'Laying The Foundation' Campaign! With a donation of $1000, your name will be engraved on a brick and become part of a permanent structure celebrating your generosity at the Burn It Down Ranch.



This charity campaign is an incredible opportunity to give back to many worthy causes and make a meaningful impact in the lives of others. Your donation will help us provide essential resources to those in need.

Visit the campaign page.


Legacy of Love: The Gina Hester Memorial Fund

Introducing the "Gina M. Hester Legacy of Love Giving Campaign," an initiative to commemorate and continue the profound work of Gina M. Hester. Gina, a cherished wife, an exceptional mother, and a passionate advocate for those in need, left an indelible mark on the world.

Visit the campaign page.

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